Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Why Stakeholder Centered Coaching?

When an investment is made in executive coaching it is only right that the organisation can expect a measurable improvement in executive behaviour and therefore a return on investment made.

Dr Marshall Goldsmith, America's top executive coach, conducted a study of 11,000 leaders in 8 multinationals on 4 continents and found that when leaders consistently involve stakeholders, 95% of leaders measurably improve.

However leaders who didn't have an on-going dialogue with their co-workers showed improvement that barely exceeded random chance. Source: Leadership is a Contact Sport, Strategy & Business, Sept 2004

Marshall’s approach involves stakeholders, i.e. direct reports, managers, suppliers, customers and other key people directly affected by the leader's behaviours at the heart of the coaching process.

  • The stakeholders role; to feed back through a 360º process and interviews with the leader's coach, then to 'feedforward' suggestions for leadership improvement, the progress of improvement on the behaviour changes they see, to be reviewed and measured on a quarterly basis.
  • The coach's role; to support the leader on that learning and to enable them to create impactful sustained results.

What are the benefits?

You will see measurable improvement in the impact you're having with important stakeholders. Those you work with will too .

Marshall Goldsmith’s seven-step process has become the benchmark for numerous Fortune 500 companies including Apple, Ford, GE Capital, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson and GSK.

For you, SCC has additional benefits

  • It's easier for your manager to promote you. Your Leadership Capital will accelerate and you will have developed ready replacements within your team to take over from you. One of the biggest causes for missed promotions is that there is nobody ready to step into your shoes
  • You naturally embed the right behaviours in your team as you work the process for yourself.

For HR and Talent Development Directors and Managers

As a Talent Development Director HR Director, HR Manager or HRA, your business is looking to you to make the best leaders in your organisation smarter, and achieve maximum impact for your business.

Many leaders know what they should be doing to lead, but aren't practicing their understanding of leadership. Leadership competencies are not in evidence for those they work with.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching is unique

  1. Coaching issues being worked on are known to all
  2. Results are transparent to all
  3. Risk is taken away as SCC offers guaranteed and measurable results; no results, no pay**

**What this means is after following our approach, if a leader doesn't show measurable sustained results, your business doesn't pay a penny for their coaching. (Meaning no risk to you.)

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