• I had high expectations of the coaching experience having worked with a coach before and I was pleased to find the value and importance of Ian’s assistance was even greater than expected. Ian was quick to get me thinking and talking about very specific situations and issues which I felt I needed help with. Some of the most valuable discussions were around my emotional reaction to the environment at Google and how to be more aware of the subconscious reactions I have to events and situations.

    Rich Waterworth


  • Working with Ian over the last nine months has been an invigorating experience. He has tested my thinking in a relaxed but challenging manner and provided frameworks that have helped me approach difficult situations in new ways. I have come away from every one of Ian’s sessions with renewed energy and excitement for the topics we discussed. The most important thing for me has been the personal connection – Ian’s relaxed but firm style really works for me. Ian is a resource I will continue to use over the coming years.

    Jonathan Grimes: Director of Sales

    Entertainment and Devices Division, Microsoft UK & Ireland

  • Ian’s quiet confidence put me at ease with the coaching process, although I quickly realised he could be firm and demanding on important topics. The coaching goals were identified early in the sessions, as were my values which helped me understand why I take a particular view in certain situations and how I might adapt. There was a smooth flow between sessions with reference back to earlier sessions. Ian was very good at leading me to questions I needed to ask and answer myself. In relation to our coaching goals, it was very much a path of self realisation. Small tasks and tools were discussed to make the self realisations real and actionable which really helped in facilitating change. Ian shared some of his own experiences at appropriate times which helped build trust and credibility. I found Ian easy to talk to and a rapport developed very quickly between us. I would highly recommend Ian as a coach to other senior executives.

    Tony Madigan: Director

    Microsoft Solutions

  • I have found Ian’s coaching course very useful, both in terms of my career planning and personal growth. By nature I am sceptical, headstrong, and direct, but the sessions have enabled me to: a) Get to grips with and achieve many of my short term, tactical goals for growth (i.e. improve my presentation skills). b) Fully realise the strategic value of emotional intelligence in building relationships and leading people. c) Take a deeper look at my long term career and life goals, step out of my daily role, and pick apart my underlying motivations. Ian intelligently and rationally proposes a markedly different perspective on the world to my own, and cogently plays devil's advocate. I couldn't have asked for a better coach.

    Ben Wallace: Android & Mobile Product Marketing

    Google UK

  • Ian is a very experienced leader and businessman with a range of business and leadership experiences.  His extremely open and objective style has made for a very valuable learning experience. At the end of my sessions with Ian I had shifted my focus from management excellence to leadership excellence. Ian’s approach gave me a set of reference tools and a mindset approach which increased my confidence, as well as my impact and influence capabilities.  I would recommend Ian without hesitation and look forward to working with him again in the future.

    Brian Fahey: OEM Operations

    Microsoft EMEA

  • I have been working with Ian for over a year and have found his coaching style gentle yet incisive and very effective. Ian’s quiet and calming manner means he excels in a one-to-one environment, and I’ve taken something new away each time I’ve attended a session. The coaching work I’ve done with Ian has had a very positive impact on my life, both personally and professionally. Ian has helped me further develop my leadership style, as well as consider issues in new and different ways which has been enlightening and very rewarding.

    Caroline Wignall: Director of Operations

    Media & Entertainment Industry

  • I selected Ian as my coach in year one of ExPo. We had a number of telephone and face-to-face coaching sessions which I found very valuable. Ian provided strong direct coaching which helped me better understand my capabilities, as well as identify and improve areas which have benefitted my overall performance. I have decided to extend the sessions for an extra year due to the value and personal benefits I have received from them.

    Daragh Hennelly: Group Senior Manager - EMEA Commercial Operations


  • The personal coaching I have received from Ian Sellick over the past year has had a very positive impact on my business results. I have also had very positive feedback on the specific leadership areas that Ian and I worked on. Overall, I was very happy with my coaching experience and only wish I had had the opportunity to receive this type of coaching earlier in my career.

    Jamie Harper | Enterprise & Partner Group Lead

    Microsoft South Africa

  • Ian is a great coach who really helped me understand some of my core behaviours at work, as well as put changes into action. His vast breadth of experience means he is equally adept at stepping into a mentor role which ensured dynamic conversation during every session. As a result of Ian’s assistance, I have greatly enhanced my leadership capabilities and communication with my team.

    Richard Harris General Manager Microsoft IT


  • Ian is an inspiration. He has been insightful, extremely knowledgeable and someone I feel I can trust and be very open with. He has prompted me to think differently and challenge myself to question why I react and behave in particular ways to particular situations.    I now have a greater understanding of self talk and how this can influence my behaviour, both positively and negatively.  Ian has encouraged me to explore various management styles and the difference between being a good manager and leader. My skills in dealing with difficult situations, moving my teams to the next level and understanding others’ behaviour have improved significantly since I started the coaching. Overall, I feel I have developed more within the last eight months with Ian as my coach than by any other method of management training that has been available to me.

    Susan Wilks | Corporate Health, Safety & Support Manager

  • Ian is the first coach I’ve worked with and I’ve definitely benefitted from his experience. Ian has the ability to challenge and support in equal measure. Crucially, I now have a far better understanding of how others perceive my behaviour at work, both positively and negatively.  I’m sure this insight when applied with the coaching will make me more effective at work and achieve better outcomes for our customers.

    Joe Coogan, Assistant Director: Transformation (Commissioning)

  • I have worked with Ian for a year.  He has supported me with skillful coaching and incisive and helpful comments.  It was particularly useful to me, during a time of significant organisational change, to be able to use Ian’s coaching to develop my leadership skills.  Ian’s thoughtful approach and relaxed manner helped to quickly build the trust essential to get the most out of our one-to-one sessions and made them both effective and enjoyable.

    Nigel Young | Regeneration Manager

  • Ian quickly identified a number of areas for me to work on and improve my effectiveness in challenging situations. His professionalism and direction gave me the confidence to find solutions for myself and trust in them. I’m really pleased I was given the opportunity to work with Ian and, although I’ve been in management for 25 years, there is no doubt I am now a better, more self-assured leader who can obtain outcomes in a more systematic and focused way.

    Chris Henry: Council Tax & Benefits Manager

    Havering Council

  • The coaching provided by Ian Sellick has been one of the most valuable learning opportunities offered to me by an employer. The six sessions with Ian were scheduled as I was considering some significant change in my role at Google - change that affected me both professionally and personally. The objective and informed feedback provided by Ian really helped to clarify my thinking and gave me insight into how I can work smarter in the future. 

    Lee Hunter

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Ian Sellick for nearly 12 months as part of a leadership development programme.  During that time, I was most impressed by his ability to analyse my day-to-day behaviour, as well as focus on the development areas that would make the most positive impact on my leadership capability. Ian encouraged me to operate within the leadership agility model as a guide to current and future development. Understanding my position in relation to other leaders and being conscious of my behaviour and development needs has made a big difference to my performance. Throughout the past year I have appreciated Ian’s friendliness, patience, and deep insights.

    Hussein F. Salama: Director

    Microsoft Research, Advanced Technology Lab in Cairo

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