Leadership Agility

What is Agile Leadership?

Agile Leadership is "The ability of a leader to be able to lead well in a wide range of circumstances especially new, changing and ambiguous situations." - Wikipedia


Since the banking crises of 2008 the requests that we have had from clients to develop agile leadership has risen exponentially. Organisations wish for their leaders to be able to perform well in times of ambiguity, to be able to deal with layers of complexity and work collaboratively and creatively to solve the multi dimensional challenges of the ever changing corporate landscape. Challenges offered by Financial, Legislative, Environmental, Social and Political issues.

Research has shown us that only about 10% of leaders are at the levels of leadership capability to lead organisations through periods of prolonged change.

We at The Business of Transformation are passionate about assisting leaders in developing their competencies to the levels that equip them with the Leadership Agility to lead their organisation to excellence through individual, team and organisational performance.

Through our coaching engagements we discovered that one of the models we use that our clients loved the Leadership Agility model of Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs. The model answered the question, “It is all very well knowing that we should be growing, but, just how do we do it, what guides us in our development?” The Leadership Agility framework identifies areas for development and growth and above all allowed them to be very specific in areas for reflection and learning. It is for this reason we have adopted this model, with the permission of Bill Joiner, for use in helping our clients grow.

Leadership Agility is based on the belief that leadership development happens from the outside in AND from the inside out.

Leadership Development From the Outside In

From the outside in perspective it highlights the skills needed for agile leadership in complex rapidly changing environments. More specifically, it identifies agile leadership competencies in three distinct action arenas:

  • Pivotol conversations: Direct person-to-person discussions where important outcomes are at stake.
  • Team Initiatives: Initiatives intended to improve team and / or its relationship with the larger environment.
  • Organisational Initiatives: Initiatives designed to change an organization and / or its relationship with its larger environment



Leadership Agility From the Inside Out

Leadership Agility also approaches leadership from the inside out: It identifies the mental and emotional capacities that work together to enable agile leadership in the three action arenas. These capacities make you more agile in anticipating and initiating change, working with stakeholders, solving challenging problems, and learning from your experience.

Highly recommended reading for the executive who really wishes to grow in competency and reflective and creative thinking.

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