Our Philosophy

We use the word "passion" even though we know that this can be an over-used phrase, after all what does it really mean?

For us it means a burning desire to help those who really want to grow.

We are prepared to take that extra step, rise to the challenge of helping establish leaders who want to make a difference by serving their organisation and the people working with them.

Positions of leadership are a privilege carrying huge responsibility for growth of organisation, teams, individuals and above all self. It is a values driven process, it takes courage, humility and discipline to get there and it is truly worth the journey.

This belief is driven by our founder who tells us as often as we are prepared to listen that through his experience how he learnt these things the hard way.

He often recounts how he still can recall with embarrassment his early years in management and leadership, (although he says there was not much leadership from him in those early days). He tells us of how he thought he had "made it" and was someone at last, when he first became a manager. Thoughts and feelings brought about by his own lack of confidence and some arrogance on his part as a cover for that lack of confidence.

He also tells us of how fortunate he was to be allowed through continuous learning and the support of some very good mentors throughout his corporate career he slowly changed to a point where he realised that it was not about him, it was about growth and performance and helping others to grow and develop and giving others the opportunities to grow.

His personal results and those of the businesses he was fortunate enough to lead excelled when he embraced that spirit. He does say he had wished that the coaching that is available today was available to him back in his early career he would have grown much faster and he recognises that leaders today do not have the luxury of the time he was afforded to grow.

We recognise the pressure that todays leaders are under, that the pace of change and the complexity they have to deal with is accelerating and changing all of the time.

We need great leaders now more than ever and we are a part of the solution. We do not subscribe to the view that great leaders are born and not made, some are and great they can be, we also know that with a will to be so great leaders can be grown.

We will work with our clients to do what ever it takes to grow and develop organisation, teams and individuals to perform at levels of excellence it will take to succeed in the future.

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